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Starting Out

Whether it be starting out with your first superannuation plan, location of lost superannuation, or even consolidation of your old superannuation funds, Gurney Financial Services specialise in assisting our clients in managing their superannuation. We will complete a full needs analysis for you to identify your goals and assist you in reaching them.  We will complete superannuation searches,  fund comparisons and ensure you are invested correctly into the right fund, and the right investment.
We can also assist in setting up your basic insurance to protect your income and lifestyle and teach you how to save for your first home or repay those debts through a budgeting management system.

Setting up a life together

So you have moved on to a couple, may be got married and bought your first home. What about protection of your new lifestyle and loved one? Gurney Financial Services prides itself on providing you with what is needed to protect your income, lifestyle and wealth. This can be achieved through life insurance, disablement cover, trauma protection and income protection. Protecting you and your family is a service we are honored to assist in.
As we start a family, our lifestyle changes. Once what was important doesn't seem that relevant. But now there is your family to think about. What would happen if you were to have an illness or accident and not return to work again, or worse still, if you passed away? Would your family stay in the family home or would it have to be sold to pay the bank back? Would your kids be able to attend sport and dance lessons, or school camp?

Family & Lifestyle

Gurney Financial Services understands the stresses put on families due to sickness and death and can provide protection strategies for families so heartache of loss doesn't mean they lose everything else as well.
May be you want to increase your wealth through superannuation, and we can teach you strategies for building wealth, this maybe through Salary Sacrifice, Spouse Contributions or even making personal contributions.
Estate Planning is a growing concern with most families. Many passing without a will, or even an up to date will. Many families are now extended families, as well, they maybe made up of second or third marriages. Family needs to be considered and looked at when creating your estate planning. It is important to make sure you have your estate in order. It is one of the best things you can do for your family. Making sure your wishes are acted on. By working with Gurney Financial Services and your solicitor we can ensure you and your family's wishes are set in place and provide you with peace of mind. 
At Gurney Financial Services we have assisted many clients in protecting their incomes and lifestyles by putting in place affordable insurance.
Did you know that Protection Insurance may be able to be deducted from your superannuation or bank account.
One of our 26 yr old clients, broke their shoulder, collar bone and wrist through racing their mountain bike with a friend, only to have surgery and be off work for 4 months. It was nice to know that their mortgage was being paid whilst they were off work. Or there was another client diagnosis with cancer, with less than 12 months to live. Their life insurance paid out the mortgage so they could spend the limited time they had with the family and without the financial burden. 
But we have seen many examples of family, friends, business people, just everyday people who have lost a love one or lost their income due to sickness or accident, only to end up losing their home and lifestyle as well.
We don't want any other family to suffer and hope to provide affordable advice and service to those in need of financial security. If you would like a complimentary appointment with us, please call or email us. 
Gurney Financial Services - Looking after you and your family!

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