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About Us:

Gurney Financial Services was created in August 2005, Tarnia saw a short fall in affordable advice in financial advice for others, including her friends, family, and local community and wanted to a make a difference. Tarnia noticed that there is a need for younger female financial advisers who can relate to those in the same situations. She had found that most people in their 20s, 30s and even 40s had numerous superannuation funds, had taken out a mortgage on their home, as well as numerous debts, but somehow have not planned how to pay for the mortgage and bills if tragedy strikes. Tarnia hopes to prepare and educate individuals and their families in home budgeting, protecting the family and saving for retirement, and hopes this in turn will lead to creating a lifestyle her clients will be happy with.


Gurney Financial Services is based on the NSW Central Coast, and prides its business on service. With our clients located all across Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


In the beginning, Tarnia ran her business after hours for the first 3 years whilst working full time for other advisers and learning more on how to service her clients. In Mid 2008, Tarnia decided to step into a full time role of self employment to assist and serve the local community. Gurney Financial Services has been built on reputation and referrals only. Gurney Financial Services prides its self on being able to work with local community, small business owners, family & friends, and existing clients, in creating an awareness and education for those in need of affordable financial service. Gurney Financial Services has supported the Local Expos and Events on the Central Coast where they have met many a new client. Gurney Financial Services, has also built long term relationships through various networking events on the Central Coast.


Tarnia Gurney is an Authorised Representative of Sentry Financial Services. Tarnia holds a Diploma in Financial Planning, an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Diploma in Self Managed Super Funds and Margin Lending, as well as a Certificate in Management. Tarnia is also a member of the AFA.


Tarnia’s background was in Personal Care, in Nursing and Retail Service since leaving school. Though in 1995, Tarnia transferred into financial services industry, working her way up and through one of Australia’s Largest Superannuation and Insurance Companies. Whilst there she completed numerous customer service courses to further her education and understanding of her customers. In 2003, with a relocation to the Central Coast, Tarnia had the opportunity to work with a local Boutique Financial Planning Company. Whilst employed there, Tarnia successfully completed her Certificate in Management as well as her Diploma in Financial Planning, before going out on her own in 2006.. 


In November 2008, Tarnia created a second small business called PLANNINGWERX4U. Serving the local home and small business owners to prepare for their futures through business planning, human resources and back office procedures. Tarnia has also created a networking group on the NSW Central Coast called Coffee Time, which is for Home and Small Businesses to meet and form friendships. There is education, presentations and networking, and each attendee is is encouraged. 

Tarnia serves also on the board for the Iris Foundation – Prevention of suicide.