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Life Stages

Starting Out

Whether it be starting out with your first superannuation plan, or location of lost superannuation, maybe even consolidation of numerous superannuation plans, Gurney Financial Services can assist you. We specialise in implementing strategies to invest your money accordingly and appropriately.

Setting Up Together

Maybe you have moved in together, married, or bought a house. Now is the time to update your beneficiaries, your Will, and even your name and address. Maybe it would be beneficial to put in place some protection strategies to cover your mortgage and lifestyle. That’s where Gurney Financial Services can assist you.

Family Time

The children have come along, and costs are going up. Maybe you need to increase your protection strategies to cover the children, a new mortgage or even an investment property. You could now investigate whether to implement salary sacrifice or wealth creation strategies. Is it time to sit down with Gurney Financial Services to review what you have?


Looking to build wealth? Maybe salary sacrifice or even spouse contributions, maybe tax planning? This is where sitting down with a qualified financial planner can assist you.


This is the time to decide whether to pay off the home, maybe buy a caravan or even travel the world? Have you thought about your goals, maybe it is downsizing or spending time with the grandchildren? These are all your dreams, now that you have retired. But, the wages have stopped, and all you have is your superannuation. Do you need an allocated pension? Centrelink? Funeral Plan? It’s times like these to sit down with your financial planner and discuss the best strategies for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Aged Care

Gurney Financial Services can meet with you and your family, as well as liaise with Centrelink and the Aged Care Facility, to ensure the right outcome for your loved ones.