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Wealth Creation

Gurney Financial Services specialises in working with individuals and families in building their wealth. By working together to understand your needs and wants, we can clarify your goals and build strategies and solutions towards assisting you to meet them. Starting with finding your lost superannuation, consolidation of superannuation and/or management and correct investment of superannuation. We can also assist in implementing investment savings plans.

Wealth Protection

Gurney Financial Services prides itself by working with individuals and families to protect themselves, their income, and their lifestyle. Individual protection strategies to cover mortgages, lifestyle and income can be implemented affordably. Protection via Life Cover, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma, or/and Income Protection.

Family and Lifestyle

Gurney Financial Services understands the financial stresses put on families due to accidents, sickness and even death. The loss of income or mounting debts is something, no of us want in our lives.


Gurney Financial Services can assist individuals and families, so that the heartache of the loss doesn’t mean they lose everything else as well. By putting in place strategies to protect income whilst off sick or injured, this can assist in the payment of monthly mortgages, and debt repayment. Or, putting in place strategies to cover debt, so that if you were to pass away, the mortgage and debt are paid off, and your family doesn’t lose the family home.


Maybe you want to increase your wealth through superannuation, and we can work together to put in place strategies for building wealth. This may be through salary sacrifice, or, personal pre or post contributions, or even spouse contributions..

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a growing concern for many individuals and families. Many people are dying without a nominated beneficiary or even a Will. Families are now made up of second and sometimes third marriages, which often involves blended families. This is where estate planning needs to be considered, and to make sure your financial affairs are in order. Ensuring that your nominated beneficiaries are up to date on your superannuation and insurance is a step towards making sure everything is in order.

Budgeting & Debt Planning

Gurney Financial Services works together with our clients to put control back in their hands and assist them with financial freedom. Whether it is setting up your first budget, organizing a debt reduction plan, or negotiating with creditors; we specialise in assisting you with individual and confidential service.


Gurney Financial Services works with financial specialists to assist our clients with organising their first mortgage, personal loan, refinancing or debt consolidation.